4 Years, 

Unstoppable Growth

We built and developed a communication platform for KOAJ that transformed all aspects of the business. This resulted in sustained growth in alignment with our priority to achieve real change for our clients. 

From 9th to 2nd in sales revenue for fashion companies in Colombia

Permoda ltda. Surprised, it went from 9th to 2nd place on the podium of best sellers. In 2018, the company had 52.45% growth compared to the previous year.
– La República –

Ranked #29 for Social Media Management on Top 100 Companies

KOAJ’s ranking for Social Media Management with Money and Investment magazine increased to 51st in 2017 and to 29th in 2018 in on their list of Colombia’s top 100 Companies.

55% sustained growth in ecommerce sales

35% growth in foot traffic in its more than 350 stores

From 325,000 to 1.3 million followers of Facebook

From 70,000 to 900,000 followers on Instagram

More than 50 million views on YouTube

45% Average Play Rate on YouTube